Pronunciation: LEHH-rih-genn (hard “g” sound, rhymes with rare big men)

Morri, his hunting dog

Lehrigen was a skilled and relentless elf-hunter. Though not without respect for his quarry, his ruthlessness was matched by his conviction that elves are little more than animals. The human warlord Angrif Djun, hoping to possess a “healer-sorcerer,” hires Lehrigen based on his convincing claim to have killed many elves. Preferring to work alone, Lehrigen leaves the Djun’s thugs behind before tracking down the Wolfriders in Djunsland.

Despite his initial contempt for elves, Lehrigen learns otherwise after encountering Ember and her Wolfriders. Accustomed to dealing with less methodical human enemies, Ember is ill-prepared for Lehrigen’s expertise and unwavering attention to detail. After capturing two of the elves and ransoming them for Mender, Lehrigen is finally overpowered when his faithful dog, Morri, is turned against him via Teir‘s magical connection with animals. Though the elves assure him of their good intentions, Lehrigen is only swayed when the Djun’s men launch a surprise attack. He joins forces with the elves and they fight alongside one another to prevail.

Years later, a terminally-ill Lehrigen returns to Ember’s tribe, seeking to live out his final days there. Violently confronted by Krim when he reveals that he killed Kahvi, her former chief, Lehrigen is content to let the angry Go-Back take his life. Their dispute is interrupted, however, by the Djun’s latest effort to flush out the Wolfriders. Finding the old human’s fighting style to her liking, Krim promises Lehrigen a quick death if he helps her get a “crack” at the tyrant himself. Both elfin warrior and human hunter meet the battle head-on, with glorious, though fatal, result.