Pronunciation: MIN-yuh (rhymes with thin-muh)

Minyah is an ancient Sun Villager who now lives in the Palace of the High Ones. For as long as anyone cares to recall she tended the village gardens and her experience and wisdom in the art of getting plants to grow in the desert helped ensure that her people were well fed.

Minyah is practical and business-minded, and as anyone whose job is reliant on the whims of nature, she knows that sometimes you just have to go with the flow, even if it means losing your crop to stampeding zwoots or drought. She is not afraid of hard work.

Over the centuries Minyah tutored many villagers, and even took Redlance under her wing when the Wolfriders arrived in Sorrow’s End. She was one of the first elves after Nightfall to witness the emergence of the flame-haired elf’s plant-shaping powers.

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