Pronunciation: SHOO-nuh (rhymes with WOO-huh)

Adopted human daughter of Cutter and Leetah
Adopted sister of Sunstream, Ember, and Goldruff
Former wife of Nunkah and widow of Ikopek (also known as Bee);
Mother of Shukopek

Shuna is a wanderer, shamaness and teacher whose mission is to promote understanding between humans and all other living creatures, especially including the elves.

Shuna was just a child when Leetah fell — seemingly from heaven — through the roof of her home where Shuna lay mortally ill. Leetah, intuitively understanding the situation, healed the human child. This simple act of kindness made Shuna a part of Leetah, and instilled in the young girl a deep faith in the magic and mystery of elves. Her father — a mercenary employed by Grohmul Djun — was physically abusive and tried to beat Shuna’s spirit out of her from a young age. With help from the “blessed spirits” she encountered as a youngster, she not only escaped his control but led others in a rebellion that would ultimately topple the tyrant himself.

After Shuna’s followers overran the Djun’s citadel, Cutter offered her a home with the Wolfriders. She accepted, and the elves adopted her. Shuna loved living with the elves, despite being confused by their ways and awed by their powers. A close bond developed between her and Kimo, who became her constant companion and protector in both wolf and elf form.

Shuna found herself in familar abusive territory in her first marriage to Nunkah, which proved to be a mistake. Shuna ended their marriage — spectacularly — and found love again with the kind and gentle “Bee.” Together, they raised a son, Shukopek, and traveled to many human clans, working to build peace and understanding between elves and the humans of the Iceholt continent.

After Bee was killed, human mortality weighed heavily on Shuna. She asked her elfin mother Leetah to extend her human lifespan so she could continue to spread her message of coexistence and harmony. It was a fateful choice. When the Djun’s forces invaded the new Holt to wipe out the Wolfriders, it was through an alliance with the human Insect Tribes that the invaders were defeated. Shuna almost lost her life in that battle, and was saved once again by Leetah’s healing touch. She emerged even further transformed, the first human with the ability to send.

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