Sun-Toucher Anatim

Pronunciation: (rhymes with FUN-much-er TAN-uh-slim)

Lifemate of Toorah
Father of Leetah and Shenshen
Grandfather of Sunstream, Ember, Goldruff and Shuna (adoptive)
Great grandfather of Korafay

Though blind, Sun-Toucher has developed deep others ways to perceive the world. His eyesight may have been lost by staring at the Daystar, but outer sight has been supplanted by an inner kind.

He is one of the oldest members of the Sun Folk, and wields a subtle magic that allows him to telepathically “see” into the hearts and minds of others. He is also able to interpret patterns of the climate and weather of the World of Two Moons. “Sun-Toucher” is actually a title; his name is Anatim, but few other than his lifemate Toorah call him by it. While Savah is unquestionably the authority the Sun Folk look to in matters of leadership, they go to Sun-Toucher for day-to-day guidance. 

Sun-Toucher was the first to accept the Wolfriders into the Sun Village after the wild woodland elves attacked. He became a mentor of sorts to Skywise, based on their mutual curiosity regarding the workings of the heavens. He was also a source of calm guidance during several invasions, both elfin and human, on the Sun Village. After the Sun Folk returned to the Palace of the High Ones, Sun-Toucher worked with Savah and Timmain to help the other residents learn the magical ways of the Firstcomers. He now resides on the Starhome.

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