The Bone Woman

Pronunciation: (rhymes with whatever she chants)

The Bone Woman was a nasty old crone. As a rare female shaman in Olbar the Mountain Tall’s Great River Tribe, she held incredible sway over her people. Smarter and more cunning than average, she used fear, superstition and manipulation to hold that sway without second thought.

She saw her role threatened by Nonna, symbol maker of the neighboring Hoan G’Tay-Sho human tribe and new bride of young tribesman Adar. Upon Nonna’s arrival the Bone Woman promptly told Olbar that the timid painter of dreams was in reality a consort of demons. She knew the ploy would be effective after Olbar’s recent encounter with “spirits” (actually, Preservers) in the Forbidden Grove, which did not end well. The hulking chief did not disappoint and immediately banished Adar and his wife from the tribe, never to return upon pain on death.

Cutter and Skywise ultimately foiled that plan. The Bone Woman then secretly plotted with the Thief to steal Skywise’s lodestone, which also failed. What became of the Bone Woman in the end is unknown, but given Olbar’s temperament, it is likely she did not meet a pleasant end.