Pronunciation: (rhymes with grief)

Brother of Olbar
Co-conspirator of the Bone Woman

Thief once had a true name, but he forfeited it when he was caught stealing from another member of the Great River Tribe. His brother, chief Olbar the Mountain Tall, took it away from him forever. Stripped of all honor and cast out of his place among the hunters, Thief was forced to scrape a living on the outskirts of the village. He spent much of his time fantasizing about taking revenge on his brother and regaining his name and status. The crafty Bone Woman knew this and used it to her advantage, manipulating Thief through his greed and bitterness, making him her pawn.

Unfortunately for Thief, serving as the Bone Woman’s brute force in her desperate plot to steal Skywise‘s lodestone did not end well for him. In the end, he was indeed “meat to be wasted.”