Pronunciation: BARE-klaww (rhymes with hair straw)
Soul name = Grenn (rhymes with then)

Son of Mantricker and Thornflower
Lifemate of Joyleaf
Father of Cutter (and other unknown offspring?)
Grandfather of Sunstream, Ember and Goldruff
Wolf Friends – Crest, Snapper, Blackfell

The tenth and rowdiest chief of the Wolfriders, Bearclaw took risks, gambled with trolls, provoked humans for amusement, and occupied the “now of wolf thought” with singular aplomb. All dark angles and bright grins, Bearclaw was given to bouts of wild mirth and dark brooding, to joy and love and reckless abandon. He was described by Pike as “sly-featured, bewhiskered, and ragged–one who stabbed through life ungently.” Though fiercely protective of his tribe, his thirst for dreamberry wine became a violent habit — and his thirst for revenge led to a self-perpetuating conflict with humans that left his tribe’s ranks dangerously thin.

Earlier in life, Bearclaw discovered the trolls living beneath the Holt after patiently staking out Old Maggoty‘s carefully-concealed dreamberry harvesting operation. Living for well beyond a thousand years, he at last Recognized his long-time lovemate, Joyleaf. The couple raised Cutter, who achieved elfin adulthood only to see his father die while battling the monster Madcoil. Bearclaw’s body, as much a part of the World of Two Moons as any Wolfrider’s, was claimed by his own wolf Blackfell. His spirit now roams the land, occasionally manifesting itself to Cutter in times of great need.

Bearclaw was rarely seen without two artifacts won from the Trolls in games of chance: a striking wolf’s head pendant, and New Moon, a sword crafted by Two-Edge that would play a major role in the quest ultimately undertaken by Cutter.

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