Pronunciation: MANN-trick-ker (rhymes with fan sticker)

Mantricker, ninth chief, was Goodtree’s son and the self-appointed nemesis of the “five-fingers” – the humans. Though his interactions with them generally took the form of good-natured pranks–he even formed a longstanding friendship with a human counterpart (appropriately named Demontricker)—their rapprochement only delayed the inevitable.

As humans moved further and further into the elves’ territory, Mantricker attempted to chase them away by spooking their game, stealing weapons and food, springing their traps, and damming the creek that provided water to their village. Frustrated by the failure of these measures, Mantricker openly confronted the humans and demanded that they leave. In a final act of desperation, he lured a human child into the forest and drew its blood to make his warning clear.

Enraged at what had been done to their child, the humans attacked Mantricker, gouging him as he fled; he lived just long enough afterward to admit his folly to his son.


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