Rahnee the She-Wolf

Pronunciation: RAHH-nee (rhymes with yah she)

Rahnee the She-Wolf was second chief of the Wolfriders, and like her father, lived between two worlds. Strongest among Timmorn’s children, she worked to unite the disparate sides of the tribe. She brought back Timmorn’s wolfpack to bond psychically with the elves, and was first to codify elements of a way (if not the Way) beyond naked survival: not to hunt out of cruelty, jest or for the lust of killing. She therefore led the first true Wolfriders, in principle as well as practice.

With her lifemate, Zarhan Fastfire, the last of the pure elves with the ability to control flames, she had many children. After Rahnee was presumed dead, Zarhan left the Wolfriders to search for her. Though he found her, they did not Recognize again, much to his dismay.


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