Timmorn Yellow-Eyes

Pronunciation: TIMM-morn (rhymes with him born)

Timmorn Yellow-Eyes was first chief of the Wolfriders, the offpsring of Timmain and a true wolf. Tall yet lupine, he stood on two legs and possessed brilliant yellow eyes, sharp teeth and a guttural voice. Red-gold fur covered him head-to-toe.

Raised at first by Timmain while she was in wolf form, she brought the young cubling to her former tribesfolk before disappearing for good. The elves taught him to speak, to send and “to love his mother’s kind as well as his father’s.” Ferocious and powerful, Timmorn become the protector of elves and wolves alike, forging the two groups into a firm and enduring alliance.

Inheriting something of his mother’s shapechanging magic, his appearance would alter as starsong or wolfsong became temporarily ascendent within. Eventually, encouraged by his mother’s example, he gave himself up completely to the wolves, finding the peace that he had long sought.

Timmorn lived with the Hunt for many seasons, then finally vanished forever.

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