Pronunciation: sah-TREE-kuh (rhymes with the-THREE-huh)

Daughter of Venka and Mirff
Granddaughter of Kahvi and Rayek

Satreeka is Venka’s daughter, sired by Go-Back warrior Mirff and born in the Palace of the High Ones.

The name Satreeka is a reflection of the four tribes that most impacted her mother Venka’s life. “Sa” for Savah to represent the Sun Folk; “tree” for Treestump to represent the Wolfriders; “ree” which is part of many Glider names, specifically Aroree, who helped raise Venka and quested with her; and “ka” for Kahvi to represent the Go-Backs and the child’s larger-than-life direct ancestor.

Satreeka left the World of Two Moons with her mother and grew up on the Starhome, a playmate of Jink in her youth.