“ElfQuest – Final Quest” To Be Collected in Omnibus Volume

Dark Horse Comics has announced the latest installment in its ElfQuest omnibus series. The Complete ElfQuest Volume 7 debuts in February 2020 and will collect the entire Final Quest series into one giant book. Previously collected in four smaller color graphic novels, this new omnibus collection will showcase the art in black and white in keeping with the established aesthetic of the Complete ElfQuest series. This volume will complete the collection of the canonical ElfQuest tales published over the last four decades chronicling the hero’s journey of Cutter Kinseeker, chief of the Wolfriders.

Dark Horse Comics Announces New ElfQuest Series “Stargazer’s Hunt”

We are tremendously excited to report a brand new ElfQuest comic series kicking off in 2019. ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt picks up a few years following the conclusion of The Final Quest, the forty-years-in-the-telling tale of Cutter Kinseeker’s hero’s journey, and focuses on Cutter’s brother in all but blood, Skywise. What does life hold for the Wolfriders’ one-time stargazer now that he’s achieved his ultimate dream of returning to the Starhome? How does he cope with the loss of his soulmate Cutter?

The Complete ElfQuest Volume 5 is Here

Dark Horse Comics has released the fifth volume in its Complete ElfQuest omnibus graphic novel series collecting the canonical adventures of the Wolfriders. This volume weighs in at a hefty 760 pages and collects the tales of Chieftess Ember and her half of the Wolfrider tribe. These stories were originally published in the comic series Elfquest: Hidden Years #16-29, as well as the entire ”Wild Hunt” sequence from Elfquest comics (vol.2). Find the book now at your local bookstore or comics shop or order it from Things from Another World.

Help complete “the Complete Elfquest”

As (we hope) you know, Dark Horse Comics has published two gorgeous volumes in their “Complete Elfquest” series. These books contain, in the first collection, the entire original 20-issue quest; and in the second, all 17 issues of “Siege at Blue Mountain” and “Kings of the Broken Wheel.” Those were the easy collections! Each book contains totally linear story. But now, as Warp and Dark Horse contemplate further volumes, the question becomes “In what order should the later tales be read to make the most sense?”

WaRP, Dark Horse, and San Diego 2014

Important! Comic Con is getting close, and for those of you hoping to find us (Wendy and Richard) to say hi, get a book or three signed, pick up a copy of the newly-released Final Quest #4… here’s the scoop. We will not have a booth or table this year. We will be signing at the Dark Horse booth two, maybe three times on two, maybe three days. As soon as you get to the show, check the program book to find out where and when.

Final Quest #5 announcement

Just out from Dark Horse Comics, here’s the solicitation for issue #5! ElfQuest: The Final Quest #5 Wendy Pini (W/A/Cover) and Richard Pini (W) On sale Sept 24 Full Color, 32 pages $3.50 Ongoing Separated and weakened by unanswered Recognition, can Ember and Teir survive long enough for a rescue? Three factions must join to save the pair — Cutter and his companions, Ember’s own Wolfriders, and the mysterious realm of elfin spirits. If they fail, the lovers may die. If they succeed, what shattering secrets will be revealed and new threats unleashed?

Phoenix Comic Con 2014 Elfquest schedule

We’re just learning this ourselves now, so here goes! Friday through Sunday – Find us at our table (#2011, 2013), to get stuff signed, show us your EQ tattoo, or just say hi! Friday, June 6, 11 am – Wendy and Richard Pini signing in the Dark Horse Comics booth (#535) Saturday, June 7, 12 noon – “Elfquest – the Final Quest” panel. Concentrated essence of Elfquest as Wendy and Richard riff, and anything goes! Sunday, June 8, 12 noon – “30 Years and Counting: Comics Classics in the Modern Age” panel.

Do You Have the Write Stuff?

Sound the alarm! Have Facebook, Twitter, online forums and blogs killed the letter of comment? You know … those things you used to write to your favorite comics and hope that they got chosen. Have they gone extinct? Do fans still like seeing their names in print? Why are we asking? Because Dark Horse just reported that their supply of LoC’s (letters of comment) for Final Quest has dried up – and we’ve only just begun the series! Can it be that you find nothing comment-worthy left to write about?

Elfquest Final Quest #4

It is done, it is finished, it is on its way to Dark Horse via upload even as I type these words. What happens in this issue? What doesn’t?! July may seem like a long way off, but we promise it will get here before … August. (In the meantime, feel free to speculate. We admit or deny nothing.)

Elfquest Gallery Edition coming this October

From Dark Horse: SEATTLE, WA—In 1978, Wendy and Richard Pini first published what would become one of the most revered classic-fantasy epics in comics. Today, ElfQuest continues to capture the imaginations of readers of all ages, as Chief Cutter and his Wolfriders battle savage humans, forge lasting alliances, and discover strange new lands in this ultimate fantasy adventure! Dark Horse proudly presents ElfQuest: The Original Quest Gallery Edition, a one-of-a-kind edition, which collects the first five issues of The Original Quest (“Fire and Flight”) in their gorgeous original glory.

Elfquest Final Quest #3 up for pre-order

The second issue of Final Quest is still a month away from release (March 26) but the fine folks at Dark Horse are already lining up #3 for you to pre-order right here! It’ll be out on May 28. (Bundle it with #2, why don’t’cha?)

Elfquest 101

Every day brings another someone’s brand new discovery of Elfquest. Dark Horse and Bleeding Cool have made the intro easy right here!